Services Available


Self Build

Self build doesn't mean you have to pick up the tools and literally build your house, though of course you can if you are able. By self build we refer to anyone who brings about the creation of their own house on their own plot, rather than buying a house that is already built by a developer. There can be a number of reasons for doing this, ranging from the ability to have a house built to your exact specifications, to the ability to make significant savings in both build cost and stamp duty, but above all you have control. Not everyone who wants to bring about the construction of their own house will have the necessary experience or confidence to bring their dreams to fruition, which is why we are offering a range of services to those who feel they need some assistance.

The Basic Deal

The least we will do is to provide you with a serviced plot, ie. one where each plot has vehicle access, and all services laid to site including gas, water, foul drainage, surface water drainage, electricity and telephone. We will also provide you with soil analysis to enable your engineers to design the foundations for your house. We will deal with communal areas of landscaping and provide the communal road entrance, and we will assist in the process of setting up the management company that will be needed to maintain the communal areas and facilities such as the private drainage and sewage treatment plant, which has to be installed as the site is over 1.5 miles from the nearest connection point to a mains sewer. We are not planning on running this as a "community" build, though there may of course be savings to be made through co -operation with one or more of the other plot owners.

Assisted Self Build

If you want a house built to your specifications, but are lacking the time or confidence to manage the entire process yourself we can offer you a Project Manager to assist with either stages of the build or the entire build. Alternatively of course you are free to hire your own Project Manager. Depending on what you want the Project Manager to do for you, this can typically add upto 10% on top of the build cost, though potentially the right project Manager with appropriate experience will reduce the risk of you making expensive mistakes, and therefore pay for themself in the long run. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the Project Managers we can offer.

Custom Build or Stage Build

A further option that minimises your input is to find a builder who will complete the project to a designated stage (for example construction upto weatherproofed shell) or the entire project to your specifications. Again, as above, we can quote you for this service once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements, or of course you are free to use your own builder.