Self Build Plot Designs


The drawing above shows the arrangement of the plots on the site. Each house has been individually designed by a local architect, and much effort has been made to ensure that the designs take maximum advantage of the stunning views whilst maintaining privacy for each occupier. This has been achieved in the first instance by sinking the buildings on plots 5 & 6 below the line of sight from plots 1 - 4 as demonstrated on the typical elevation drawing shown below. An added advantage for plots 1 - 4 is that in winter when the trees have shed their leaves it should be possible to see the sea when looking east from the second floor.

Full planning permission has been obtained for this project and details of the layouts for each plot can be seen on this site by following the links in the menu above. The layouts shown, are just one interpretation of what should be possible under the existing planning, and many alternative arrangements could be made without going back to planning. If however modifications were required to the external appearance, such as repositioning windows, then these would need to be approved through the planning process - small changes such as these could probably be dealt with through a minor planning amendment, but more significant changes may require a full planning revision to be obtained. Advice on this could be sought in the first place through the scheme architect, or secondly from Torbay Council planning officers.

The full historical planning documention is available online at the Torbay council website via the following link.


Plots 1 - 4


Plots 5(6 similar)

Current Status (August 2014)


As mentioned before we have full planning permission for the development, and we have completed the soil analysis and geotechnical studies to enable the detailed engineering designs to be completed. The report shows no concerns with respect to contamination, Radon or risk of flooding, and recommended foundation design is to use a typical footong with suspended slabs over.

Our appointed engineering consultant Case Associates have completed the engineering design for the implementation of the infrastructure. We plan to commence construction of the infrastructure in September - though we will initially only be building the road up to the wear course which we will then complete once construction on the houses has been completed.